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Patricia Newman

Patricia Newman


In 2004, while walking towards her car in downtown Anchorage, Alaska, Patricia Newman witnessed a suicide. A young man appearing to be in his early twenties, jumped from the top of the Municipality’s bus transit building right before my eyes; unfortunately, he fell to his death. This horrible experience caused her to speculate the motives that would compel an individual to take his own life. She then began to agonize that there could be many individuals struggling with the same decision as the one who leapt to his death. At that moment, she resolved to do something to stop this horrible loss in her community. A few days later she established YEA! Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization.

YEA! Inc.’s mission is to address the concerns of young-adults while empowering them with tools to address despondency and hopelessness.
YEA! Inc. networks and works collaboratively with city, state, and non-profit agencies, to produce special community events and concerts, financial training for self-sufficiency, and printed materials. Providing a young person with these resources empowers them with tools, which will help them obtain the career or lifestyle that they desire. YEA! Inc. has partnered with many other local programs and organizations to address the needs of youth/young adult in the community and provide outreach for at risk youth/young-adults by building higher levels of self-esteem. In addition to providing resources to address the hopelessness that many young people encounter, YEA! Inc. also distributes information on local job opportunities; pre-apprenticeships and apprenticeships; training opportunities in the medical fields; self-esteem building workshops that focus on modeling, dance, health and beauty tips.

YEA! Inc. holds weekly classes and snacks at the BP Energy Center for young adults and their families.

YEA! Inc offers training on planning resources for how to start a business; in addition, such training is beneficial for young people because it gives them the tools to gain independence and establish themselves in the community of entrepreneurs. Furthermore, YEA! Inc. provides training classes on how to create a business plan, how to get a business loan, and how to market a business. Volunteer instructors have diverse backgrounds and many work for the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development, Office of Economic Development. Several volunteers from the Department of Health and Social Services also provide our young adults with information on the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, as well as community resources available to anyone diagnosed or with questions with these diseases.

Recently released statistics on the suicide rate in Alaska are alarming. Alaska has the highest suicide rate in the country. The weapon of choice is guns, with a rate of 79 percent of the households owning a gun. Alaska also has been graded F+ on Laws Shielding Families from Gun Violence plus, under the Brady Campaign, see attached information. Males between the ages of 20-29 are at the highest risk for suicide, with the highest risk being among the Native Alaskans. Stressors that contribute to suicide are depression and alienation, drug and alcohol abuse, and a lack of connectedness to the “big picture” of community. Depression is understandable in Alaska. It can generally be related to long dark nights, isolation, cultural shock, discrimination, and a general lack of parental and community support systems. Please note, we can create programs with opportunities for activities to empower our young/adults are they will create their own, which we may not like. YEA! Inc. is seeking funding to continue to address issues faced by youth/young-adults in our community and provide positive direction and empowerment for success. The funding requested would be a one-time donation that would not require further financial comments in the future. Being able to increase our efforts with this funding would allow us to be able to be very effective with our empowerment message to youth/young-adults. Please help us continue our effort to empower our community. We are in need of additional tools to programs that address the concerns that at-risk Alaskan youth face in all of our communities. Please feel free to contact us at 907-240-6437 if you have questions or would like to help.

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